Confirming User Identities

As an online platform, verifying the identity of our users is a key part of our Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering policies. The level of identity checks conducted depends on our assessment of the potential risks associated with each user. Here is an overview of our user verification process:

Confirm user identities in the 1Win application
Type of InformationDetails Collected
BasicFull name, Date of birth, Address
EnhancedPassport details, Bank statements, Screenshots of e-wallet/bank card

We use the personal information provided to authenticate users against watchlists of suspicious individuals. Additional documentation may be requested from higher risk users to confirm details about identity and source of funds.

The aim is to make illegal activity more difficult while avoiding unnecessary inconvenience for legitimate users. As an account holder in 1Win app, you have a responsibility to provide accurate, up-to-date information as needed to assist with these important checks. Together we can ensure our platform offers accountable and ethical services.

Ongoing Activity Monitoring

Here, we utilize data analytics tools to closely track the transactions and activity patterns of our users. This allows us to identify potentially suspicious activity that could indicate attempts to launder money or otherwise use our services illegally.

Some of the transactional factors we monitor for include:

  • Frequent large withdrawals without corresponding activity
  • Sudden activity spikes or changes in patterns
  • Use of complex fund transfer methods
  • Links to jurisdictions considered high-risk

If evidence of financial fraud or other illegal behavior is found, we will conduct further investigation and report concerns to the relevant authorities as warranted. However, specific details are kept confidential as much as possible.

As a user, you can support our safe environment by avoiding transaction patterns that could raise flags. Maintain transparent and consistent activity that aligns with our terms of use. If you observe any suspicious transactions, please notify us right away. Together we can promote ethical conduct across the platform.

Continuous monitoring of activity in the 1Win application